Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Card A Day August Day 9

Day 9 Card 9

My card a day challenge started only nine days ago in an effort to get the most use out of my supplies. I decided to document and share it in hopes that it will inspire you to look at your supplies differently. I'm limiting myself to the What a Hoot stamp set  by CTMH. I have managed to get some unique looks from this stamp set and today isn't any different. I used the party hat option and stamped it five times.
I also traced a circle using a lid I had. The lid and the hats were colored using alcohol markers. 
All these were cut for later use. I then created some yellow crape paper using a coffee  filter and my marker.
I just drew along the edge with the broad tip side of my marker. I then cut it and made a small fringe with it. 
I used this fringe to cover my circle base. This is where the magic happens. Using some liquid glass, I glued down the fringe across my circle starting at the bottom and working my way up. Once everything was covered, I trimmed up my edges to make it round. I also fluffed up the fringe a bit.
I attached my hats around my circle base to create a piñata. 
Once I had them where I wanted them, I added some string that I dyed with my markers on the tips of my points of the piñata.
For some added interest, I stamped the swirl eye option in pixie color ink to serve as candies. Because you can't have a piñata without candy!
A bit of liquid glass on top of my candies to make them shine.
My pieces were attached with foam dots. I played around with my placement until I found something I was happy with.
I decided to add liquid glass to my piñata as well. It made it pop a bit more. I was pretty happy with the card. I do however think that next time I'll stamp it with a light color ink instead of black. I felt it looked a bit too dark.
You can find the stamp set at my CTMH shop. 

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  1. I am just speechless at your creativity!!!! Beautiful!!! Fun!!! Sassy!!!! hugs, patty