Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's all about the Shape... Mail Art fun

It's been a while since I've blogged. With the holidays, then recovering from the holidays, not much of my art has been captured in a blog-worthy way. So in an effort to get myself blogging again, I decided to share with you all an altered box that I made for a mail art swap at atcsforall.com. For the month of February, we had the option to send odd or weird shaped mail.  So I decided to use a heart shaped candy box. 

I cut out a heart shaped window out of my box with a craft knife. 

I then used mod podge to cover my box with scrapbook papers. I wasn't sure if I was going to add color, so I looked for papers that worked well together.
To cover the inside, I cut out a heart, to fit inside, out of chipboard. I then covered the chipboard with some decorative paper. This helped give me a nice flat base on the inside.  

I wasn't liking the paper colors so I decided to add some color using distress paints. I dabed the paint and added water to get them to run and mix.

While my paint dried, I worked in my inside components. I stamped one of my hand carved stamps onto text paper and colored it in using distress markers. I love the soft look it gave my image. 
I also used some paper flowers that I had on hand. The flowers were a lime green color so I added some teal paint. 
I then stamped another one of my hand carved stamps. A faux washi tape one. I stamped it on chipboard, then added color with my distress paints. I then stamped just the envelope a few times to make some mini embellishments. I used foam tape to attach them to my base. 
Then came the fun part. I grabbed my sequins and beads to add into my box. I also added a few metal trinkets and a used stamp. 
A box of happy was born!
I added some transparency film to cover my window. I added glue to join and seal my box. A heart shaker is born! I love how this turned out. It's a box of happy, and it's hard not to smile when you shake it up.  I now want to turn everything into a shaker.