Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Peanuts Obsession... Christmas cards

After lots of web surfing, I finally settled on a design for my Christmas cards. Since this time is Peanuts overload time for me, it's natural that I make cards with that theme in mind. So for my cards, I used a cookie platter that I had seen. It was a set of round cookies that were decorated to represent each of the Peanuts gang characters through their outfit. So I incorporated that idea, but on some ornaments. 
The first step was to create an ornament template. I did this using a free image from Google. I printed it onto 110 cardstock.  I then used some alcohol markers to color the ornaments in. I drew the shirt design as I was coloring each one. I also use this as a way to practice my shading. I need to revisit that some other time. 
Once I had my ornaments colored, I cut them out. Yes, by hand...every single one. You cannot say that these were not made with love. 

I then moved on to giving them a bit of "wow." I did this by using dimensional Magic. This gives them a glossy top coat that had a slight raise to it. I used a silver maker for the top of my ornaments. However I felt it still needed more. I went over it with some glitter glue. That gave it just the right amount of shimmer.
While my ornaments dried, I worked on my card base. I used recollections 110 black cardstock. This is beautifully, thick cardstock that works wonders for card bases. When I showed my husband the sheets, or colored ornaments, he had a puzzled look. He didn't understand what they were suppose to be. I kinda of figured it would be so easy to distinguish. I never considered that some folks might need a little hint. So for that, I used some comic strips from my desk calendar. This helps clue you in on what the theme is, just in case you're not Peanuts obsessed.  I added two silver lines to help me place my ornaments. 
Once the ornaments were dry, I added some foam tape and a silver bow made of sewing thread. I had played around with wider ribbon but it was too much and it competed with my ornaments. I really wanted them to be the main attraction. So I used the thin sewing thread.
With all my pieces ready to assemble, I was able to get my cards done pretty quickly. I'm not a card maker, so I have so much respect for those that make them regularly. 
I love the way they turned out. Maybe next year, I'll get them done before Christmas. 
For the inside greeting, we went with "Happy Holidays from our gang to yours!" and "Merry Christmas from our gang to yours!" The greeting was based on how late we were to mailing them out. In case they didn't make in time for Christmas, they'd be in time for the new year. 
Thank you so much for checking out these fun cards. I was so in love with them, it was hard to let them go. But I know they will be enjoyed. 


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Peanuts Obsession... It's Christmas Time

Wow, it's been a awhile since I've been able to blog. Life has been a bit crazy with my health throwing me for a loop.  My creative endeavors have been far and few between.  I've tried to listen to my body and allow it time to heal. However, it's my all-time favorite time of the year and  that means one thing in my house ...It's Peanuts Time! 
It's hard to pinpoint when my Peanuts obsession began. I didn't grow up with the comic strip. My Sunday comics consisted of Dennis the Menace and Family Circle. It wasn't until I was an adult that the Peanuts comics started to feel very relatable. Sometime in  late 2000, I walked into Target and fell in love with the Kurt Adler ornaments they sold. I picked up 1 or two. The following year a few more.  Around 2002 my husband bought me my first hallmark ornament. It was love at first sight! It started with about 4 ornaments. When I discovered that Halmark carried a whole series each year, I thought it would be fun to get them all the following year. That is pretty much how my obsession was kicked into high gear. I soon found myself on eBay trying to find rare collectible ornaments.  It was a bit overwhelming, so I focused on meaningful years, birth year, and milestone years. My collection started with the ornaments then I started collecting anything Peanuts Christmas-themed. It was my controlled obsession. I had it under control.  Then suddenly, with out even realizing it, non Christmas items started joining my collection. It was then that I realized that things had gotten a tad out of control...more on that on a later post. 
For now, I'd like to share with you all the madness that is my Peanuts Christmas tree 2015.

9ft tree 

Close up 
Close up left side.
Top of tree. 
Close up right side.

As money has gotten tighter, I've had to be very selective as what I want to add. This year my wish list was greater than my budget. 

My wish list: 

Nesting dolls and salt and pepper shakers... Oh my! 
Sweet reindeer Snoopy.
Dancing Snoopy! What?! 

A few pictures on the previous years. You can see how my collection has slowly grown. I no longer use filler ornaments. 

2011 tree.

2012 tree. 

2001 tree. 

2000 tree it's humble beginnings.

Thanks for reading! Do you collect anything? I'd love to hear all about it.