Saturday, May 30, 2015

Put your hair up and Art!

Spark some Kreativity Saturday is here once again! As May had an extra week here's a wearable quickie! Hope you like it. 

The fun with the mixed media kit from the Kraaft Shaak continues. It comes with a great assortment of vintage pages. I used a few of those pages to create a fun hair accessory that was inspired by a pin that I saw from a friend on Pinterest.

I started with some of the text papers, which I cut into strips. No worries about getting straight strips; it won't matter.
I then used some inktense pencils to add some color. I went with pink and yellow. I colored the strips half yellow, half pink. I then cut a scallop all along the strips. 
They were looking a bit flat so I crinkled them up for texture. 
I then cut out a "donut" shape out of some grudge board. I've had this in my stash for a while and not sure what it's intended for, but I liked that it's thick and flexible. 
With my pieces all ready, I glued the page strips onto the circle base. I added a few layers. 
I then turned my attention to creating a pick. For this, I created a paper straw by rolling up one of the strips I had cut up. 
With my pick ready, I embellished it with some more of my scallops to create a flower on one end of my stick.
And just like that, my wearable is born! A few layers of clear glue or mod podge help provide durability. 
A few views of this in action. 
It's a fun way to hold your hair up. My hair is too short for a bun but I think it would look cool on one.
Hope you enjoy this quick craft and that it inspires you to create something you can wear. 

Please visit Kraaft Shaak design team page to get all caught up on some amazing project inspirations. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Find your Spark and Wear it too!

The first round of projects from the Kraaft Shaak design team have been shared, and now we are moving onto another great month of Kreative Sparks! For the month of May, we hope to get everyone wearing their art! Each week, a new KSDT member will share a unique wearable project. Don't miss out on all the great projects. Follow the team by visiting the 

I decided to use the book text pages that came in the mixed media kit. I've always loved using text book pages for my art, and this project was a great excuse to use something I love.

My project inspiration came from the glass beads in my kit. It came with some beautiful green peacock beads.  So, I ran with that idea hoping to create a peacock feather piece of some sort. 

I wanted to create something fun and bright. The hardest thing was deciding on a project and sticking to it. I had so many ideas I finally had to scale back and decide on just one. 

I picked out some  neo color II that reminded me of peacock feathers and drew some ovals onto my paper. I then added some water to activate and blend the colors. When everything was dry, I cut out my ovals and then backed my pieces onto some chipboard aka cereal box. This added some extra support to my ovals.  These ovals will serve as my main elements.

I wasn't sure what I was creating. I just knew it would be some sort of jewelry. Naturally, you can't have jewelry without beads. 

So I created some. I added some color onto another text page. This time I made long streaks of color. I then added water to blend my colors and get some fun coordinating paper. I cut out long triangles from my paper and rolled them up using a paper bead rolling tool. I wasn't worried about perfect beads I just wanted to make something to accent whatever I decided to create.

Once I had my main elements, I played around with the placement of things. I added some metal pieces that were included in my kit as a special bonus. My feather was looking a bit flat, so I decided to create a flower to add to it. 

The mixed media kit came with some cheese cloth. I used a piece of it and used my spray inks to match the colors I was using. I used some distress ink, as well as some tattered Angels ink. I played with coordinating colors of blues and greens.  Once it was dry, I cut up the cloth into small squares and stacked them up to create a dimensional flower. I created a center for my flower by glueing a glass vase filler bead onto a colored text page. I added some metal pieces to highlight my center and some glass beads to give it some shine. 

I decided to add some sparkle using the glass beads and some glossy accents. 

Once I had all my pieces ready,  I glued everything together to create my necklace. I added some white cord to string my necklace.  It was too white, I used my inktense color pencils to add a bit of blue and green to it.

I was able to achieve the look that I wanted. A large peacock feather type piece. 

I hope that this project has sparked some Kreativity and you can find a way to make some art and wear it too! If you want to play with a mixed media kit of your own shop at the Kraaft Shaak

Please be sure to check out the awesome design team members and follow their amazing work!