Saturday, July 4, 2015

Have Art...Will Travel

Spark some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak 

It's an honor to once again head the amazing Design Team from the Kraaft Shaak. In my head, I'm hearing a little voice saying "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"...but who wants to listen to that! The first round of teammates kept me on my toes. It was amazing to see how each person transformed the contents of their mixed media kits into amazing projects. I know that we have assembled another group of amazingly talented folks for the DT squad and round two is going to keep the 
"Sparks of Kreativity" flying! 

The mixed media kits comes with an assortment of goodies to play with. It's a great way to start with mixed media and an even better way to add to an existing love for mixed media. The amount of sample products in these kits makes it such a great value. I think the samples give the kits their uniqueness. It allows you to play with some of the "hot" new items in the market before committing to a full size. I know I've purchased supplies only to realize that I didn't like them or that they weren't for for me.  That is where these kits and their samples are a genius idea. But don't take my word for it! Find out for yourself by visiting Kraaft Shaak, and get yourself a kit because it's play time! 

The mixed media kit comes with an alterable item. I was so excited when I received my tote. It's huge! It's nice and wide and a great bag to travel with art supplies or to keep handy on my art supply shopping trips.

Once my excitement for the bag wore off, the reality of a blank canvas staring me in the face sank in. So I jumped right in using some of my bright go to colors and some fabric medium from golden to add some color. I didn't measure or have an exact ratio for the fabric medium. I just added about equal parts. 

Once I had my color pallet, I decided to use my small gelli plate to print directly onto my tote. This was lots of fun but did come with some challenges. I noticed that it worked best when I had more paint. Unlike paper, the canvas printing required a heavier hand with the paint. The ghost prints didn't make the best impressions. At times it gave me a muggy look, since the paint didn't seep into the fabric. But after playing with a few layers, I loved the results. 


Side 2: 

I did splatter some of my left over mixed paint. By this point, I was beyond thrilled with the brightness of the tote. I was on an art high, so naturally that meant that I needed to keep adding to it. So I added some teal to create a border around my prints and the bag. 

And so, I got carried away...

But wait, there's more...

By this point the bag was so bright and happy, I just had to add more. So I went for the straps! I used some teal and lime green to match them to the bag.

I was at a point where the bag truly made me happy. I was picturing myself on shopping trips with my art tote, or filling up my bag and taking my art supplies with me when I visit family.

So I walked away and let it dry over night. When I revisited my bag, I knew I wanted to add one of my faces. So I went for it! I dived right in by using an inktense pencil. I created an outline and added some color. It was at this point that I realized that you can't undo fabric painting.  I was not happy with the outcome.

She was looking strange and out of proportion. I was not happy and had no clue how to undo what I had done.  Her hair was dark and strange too. Like she had a strange hair cut from a discount hair place. I was so mad at myself for ruining my happy tote.  I panicked! So much so that I shared it with my fellow teammates. I cried out for HELP!!  I know it's kinda trivial. We nit pick at our stuff, and we are our worst critics. With some comforting words from my DT pals, I did the only logical thing... I walked away. I gave myself  time to realize that it was not all gloom and doom. 
I allowed myself to panic and throw a tantrum. Then, I revisited my tote and worked in ways to make it look more appealing to me. So, I added roses. Lots and lots of roses.

Roses here, roses there, roses everywhere! 

Here a rose, there a rose. I went rose happy, and that was exactly what I needed to bring me back to a happy place with my tote. My visions of shopping trips were coming back. 

I felt my flowers were getting a bit lost with my background but I didn't want to darken them up, so I used some inktense to add some shading and outlines. 

It's helped set them apart just enough. 

Once I had my roses done, I knew I wanted a quote or saying I needed to add something to fill the blank space. First I wrote it with an inktense pencil. 

But the inktense was not as dark as I wanted it, so I went over my letters with black paint.

I then decided to add my name on the side. 

I am back at a happy place with my bag and can't wait to tote it around on my shopping trips! 

I think this kit option has to be my favorite.  It's so practical and can be customized so easily.  I can have my Art and Travel with it too!  I hope you give this a try. Find some bag or tote and add some color to make something that makes you happy. Also, please stay tuned to the Saturday Sparks from the design team. 

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