Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Card A Day August Day 5

 Day 5 Card 5

CTMH What A Hoot stamp set will be the star of my creations all month long. I've set up this challenge for myself to really use a stamp set to its full potential.
Today's card is an out of the box creation. I played around with the stamps and looked at the different shapes that could be achieved. So I used some creative masking i.e. tape, and inked up the pieces I want to keep. 
The owl body will serve as the base of my wind mill. 
Looks a little morbid I know.  I stamped the feet and part of the bottom of the second owl to get some hills and stems. No it's not a tomb! Trust me.
Once my basic background was stamped I used some distress inks to create my sky and ground. I them added some water splashes to add some interest. At this point it could be a scary ghost scene but, I'm more of a happy colorful type. 
Using the hat I stamped it multiple times in pairs to giver me some wide propellers. I colored and cut it out. Do you see it now? My windmill is coming together.

I stamped and colored lots of the eye options from the stamp set. These will be the flowers for my stems. I used some foam tape to add some dimension.

Here it it the final product. 100% out of the box original creation. I have to say this one is my favorite so far. The whole idea of creating something that wasn't there makes me so happy. I loved how happy this looks. 
Side view of dimension.


  1. What a great idea! Very inspiring!! I am so glad you are sharing these with us!!

  2. That is beautiful! This makes me look at my stamp sets in a whole new light!

    1. Thanks, It's a great way to revisit stamps.

  3. Such a fun, fun card!!!! Love it!!! I'm with Debi, I'm looking at my stamps with a greater vision now! hugs, Patty

  4. You did it again! Wow, Sandra. ..gorgeous I tells ya, just gorgeous! !!

  5. This is just awesome! I love everything about this! You got me to start thinking outside the box and beyond what I see in front of me...thanks for that inspiration!! Great job! :)