Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Card A Day August Day 6

Day 6 Card 6
My madness continues! It's only day six, and I'm worried I might run out if ideas. I guess if that happens, I'll work on my coloring skills.  For today, I created a simple card using the What A Hoot Stamp set from CTMH. Using some black ink and tape, I was able to mask off the areas I didn't want stamped.
I stamped the owl wings on some lime green textured cardstock and the owl body on some red textured cardstock, which I will use as my flowers. It's the perfect shape for tulips. 
Remember, if you mask off an area, remove the tape before stamping. Avoid my little blunder. Once everything was stamped, I cut out my pieces along with some strips of lime green for some stems.
The beauty of this stamp set is that it has a doodle sketchy look that can be mimicked without much effort. Using a black pen, I made some lines along the stems. I didn't have to worry about them being straight. 
I used some foam tape to attach them to my card base. I also glued down some leaves directly onto the card base.
I added some white ribbon to create a simple bow. My sentiment was stamped and embossed with some white.
I haven't perfected my stamp and embossing skills, but I love practicing it. 
Who knew What a Hoot could be so much fun?  I have started to look at all my stamps in a whole new way. I hope this inspires you to do the same. I'd love to see your creations!

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