Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stamp Carving Week Day 3

Carving up a storm! On Tuesday during the Kraaft it Live show, I drew and carved this fun stamp. I used the speedball speedy cut for the first time and I have to admit, I'm not a fan. It was too soft for my preference. I also noticed that it crumbled a lot. Even now after I'm done with it, if I run my hand over the block,I get a grainy texture flake off. Other than that, I love my new stamp that will go great on a journal page.
On yesterday's blog, I offered some images to try carving. I decided to carve my flower ones. I've been wanting one of these layer stamps. I love how easy they make it to add color. I used CTMH inks ( pear, pixie, cotton candy and topiary)

I took my stamps and paired it up with yesterday's eraser stamp to create this sweet tag.

An finally a bonus:  I took a dollar store shaped eraser and carved on it. I was surprised that it was a bit harder to carve but once I got my pressure correctly, I managed to create an animal face. Stay tuned because I have a plan for this cutie. 


  1. Your stamps are superb. I especially like the animals fur, such nice detail.

  2. You never cease to amaze --- love your stamps!!!

  3. Love the animal face! And the roses. And the angel. I just love the stamps you do!

  4. You just amaze me! I love all of them!!!

  5. You're so good at this, Sandra! You put so much detail into your stamps!