Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pieces of Me... Vol. 1

So I decided to delete old art pictures from my phone but before I do, I thought it would be fun to share them here. I'm hoping that this will give you a glimpse of me through my art.  

Playing with masking fluid. This was fun, although waiting for it to dry...not so much.

Loved this poster I created! The colors just make me happy! Using masking fluid as well.

Playing with text. I like to practice my handwriting every now and then using a brush.

Mail art with some handwriting on a gelli print background.
A post card

I joined a cardboard post card swap. So I played around with cardboard. I love all the texture! 
More cardboard.

I see faces!!! Most of my art is pulled art from backgrounds that I create. I like to pull out the faces that are hiding in the backgrounds.  

I just LOVE this one! Face on mixed media paper.

Face on canvas with intktense. She's a ginger beauty.

A color challenge and she emerges! 

In my art you will find pieces of me. I never know what I'm going to create or what it will look like. I like to spend some time looking at my background until I see someone looking back at me. You know those people that claim to see something in their toast?! Yeah that's me! I guess my cloud-watching days are paying off. 


  1. I absolutely adore this look into YOU! you are a dream maker!!!

    1. Thank you! Dream maker?... Daydreamer something right?! :)

  2. The one thing that is through all of your works, is the bright colors! It's what I luv to see from your art. They certainly draw your eyes right to it! :) <3

    1. I try to use the colors in the background. I like to make them shine through.