Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Peanuts Obsession

A few months ago I was given a special bag of goodness straight from Japan.  This much cuteness should be outlawed! 

Plastic sleeves, like large envelopes. 

Not one but two mini letter sets! These things are super cute. Complete with mini envelopes.

Shaped binder clips! 

Sticky flags. 
A notepad collection. It's has a variety of sticky notes and flags.
Inside view 
Note pad.
A mini book of  sticky flags. 
Inside view
And more flaps.
I also got a few edible goodies. A tin that had chocolate chip cookies those were gone as soon as I opens it. They were yummy! Now I just have the awesome tin bucket.

A Snoopy bank, this came with m&m style candies except the coating is very thick and crunchy. Check out the packaging!!
Inside view
A small bento container it came with candies as well.
Finally the OMG moment.... Woodstock candy box.
Inside view
It should be a crime to eat these beauties! Luckily, I have a back up box.
I look at this stuff and can't help but smile! I dare anyone to see the colors of the Peanuts gang and not smile. 


  1. Ok....I'm jelly! LOL! You hit the mother load! Those are all so fab....I love the vintage Peanuts flags. Super kewl! cracked me up with your "back up" chocolates Tee hee!

  2. Yes the vintage flags are so cool. The packaging and presentation is amazing! Everything is so neatly packaged. I own this stuff and still drool over it. LOL!