Saturday, September 5, 2015

Let's get scrappy! Kill the kit edition

Spark some Kreativity Saturday @ The Kraaft Shaak

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the second round of The Kraaft Shaak's design team projects.  We have had so many amazing project shares that it's hard to see it come to an end. Although it is the last month of design team projects, it is by no means the end of the Kreative Sparks. 

So it is only fitting to say our goodbyes to this round of designers with a fun challenge.  We will attempt to "Kill our Kits" with a  home decor project which, in all honesty, is very hard almost impossible. 

I decided to use an old box as my base. Since I was going to be covering it with all my left over text pages, I didn't care for a fancy canvas. But any base will do. The box that I chose had a plastic coating on it, so I peeled that layer off so that my papers would stick and not flake off.

Once I had my base ready I cut my text pages in half and glued them down with some mod podge.

I wanted to keep  as much of the pages without glue on top as possible, since untreated pages react differently to paint. Once I was happy with my base, I went for some color. Since I was trying very hard to use mainly products from the kit I used my prima chalk paint in olive

My initial reaction was "what in the world did I get myself into?" This is not a color I would tend to use. Well correction...I love the color, but on my walls, not my art.  Since I was not loving it as is, I added some prima chalk paint in golden yellow. This was from my previous kit. The paint samples you get are hefty. There's a whole lot of paint in those little tubs. 

Adding the yellow made me a bit more comfortable with the color pallet. Once everything was dry, I added a few more text pages to give the background some more interest. 

The different sizes of the text made for a more interesting background. Once these pages were glued down, I wanted to add some variation to my green. So, I used my portfolio pastels in greens to add some color to them. 

This gave my back ground a bit of contrast. My kit came with a heart doilie, and I also had a smaller one from my stash. I loved the design on them and decided to use them as my stencils.

I used some coral paint to sponge over the doilie and then randomly stamp it on my back ground. I repeated this process with the small and large hearts.  The color seemed too dark. Then, I remembered I also had a sample of the prima chalk pain in pink. Once that color went on, I was suddenly in love.

An added bonus was the colored doiles I had after this step. 

Romantic is not unusually a style I work with. The light pastel color pallet is beautiful, but so hard for me. I tend to go for bright happy colors that make you want to jump up and dance. Another item that I don't use much is shimmer. So what better time to use it than with a challenge. I mixed some green mica powder and 3D gloss  gel.

And used my doilie as a stencil.

I have to say that these doiles are sturdy. They worked great as a quick stencil. It added some fun texture to my project. 

I had a background that I was fairly happy with and trying to decide what to do next was not easy. Since this project was already all about firsts for me, I decided to continue on that path and  use the napkin that was in my kit. I have never used a napkin in my art. I've seen it done lots of times, so I decided to give it a go. The kit came with a floral napkin with some butterflies. I cut my images out and used mod podge to glue them down. It only took a second for me to realize why people use these all the time.

It instantly transforms your project. I have a whole new respect for napkins in art. Once this was down, I was ready to call it done. A wall plaque...Presto! But I wanted to find a way to incorporate the doilies that I used throughout my background. So I decided to use some craft foam to attach the large heart onto my background.

This allowed me to add bits and pieces behind the heart.

So, I used this area to tuck some cheese cloth and other goodies. I used a tag and some of the papers from my die cut assortment. I also used a mini clip to attach a tiny petal envelope that can be removed to read the hidden note.

I finished off my project by adding some text. Bless this love

I used a tiny cloth pin as a clip to hold my picture this allows me to change it out. I ended up making a scrapbook layout/picture holder. My intention was to create a wall plaque but it took a life of its own and I love it.

This was my attempt to Kill the mixed media kit. However, it's impossible to use it all up. I've created three projects and I still have lots of paint and other paper goodies that I can add to my stash. This kit has so much to play with that it's not easy to kill. But don't take my word for it. Get yourself a kit and play along!


  1. love how the page turned're a cute couple

  2. Fabulous finished product! I love seeing the transformation from each pic, take place. :)

  3. Great job Sandra! I really loved that you went out on a limb and came through with something so beautiful!

  4. Sandra, this is wonderful! Yes you 2 make quite a cute couple!

  5. Sandra, I have re-read this and gazed at the pictures for some time now, and I gotta tell, you, you did a fabulous job on this on many levels!!! It is pure eye candy, you used products in different ways, you used colors that are totally different that your normal colors, and you kreated THIS!!! Kudos!!!

  6. Love the project Sandra! A great way to use up some of the kit and also to display a beloved photo :)