Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Things...The Crafty Challenge

Recently I shared with you the 5 things challenge that my friends Mel and I were working on. She accepted my challenge and put her 5 things to excellent use. Please check it out, she created some stunning ribbons.

These are the items I was given to work with. 

So I decided to begin with the box that these items came in as my base. I cut it and glued the tabs. My intention was to create a floating display box.  

And now for some color!!! I started with yellow as my base color. Then I glued down my first item the printed tissue paper.   (ITEM #1 TISSUE PAPER)

I added more color.  I used a shade of pink and some teal color acrylic paint and a splash of lime green here and there.   These seem to be my go to colors. 

While my base dried.  I cut up the coffee filter to make some roses.( ITEM #2 COFFEE FILTER)  I also had a red filter which I used to create a heart. 
The heart.

I then grabbed the playing cards which had some vintage people on one side. I decided to use the back side of the cards. I'm not big on old random pictures of strangers, they kinda creep me out. 

I created some wings I then embossed with some turquoise for some interest. (ITEM #3 PLAYING CARDS)

I then moved onto the embroidery transfers I was given.  I noticed that the pictures were of dancing plates and cups. I was stumped for a bit, then I realized that the faces had lots of potential.

I picked a face and used it to create my angel girl.  This was fun. My face was from a tea cup I kept the brim as a halo and drew on my hair. I then cut out the bits I didn't need. I colored and painted her. I glued her onto some watercolor paper, which I then added some more of that awesome printed tissue paper.  (ITEM #4 EMBROIDERY TRANSFERS) 

For my final item I took the Popsicle sticks and used some dylusions lime green ink to add some color to them. (ITEM #5 POPSICLE STICKS)

Then it was time to put it all together. My angel.

A message on the sticks " guide my heart, my way".

My completed project. This challenge was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. It's such a great way to see your items used through someone else's eyes. 


  1. Stunning!!! You always manage to think outside the box on everything you do, and this is no exception. Love your heART

    1. Thank you Sylvia for checking out my creation.

  2. Amazing, I am just breathless, a master piece that you managed to create from all those pieces! A big applause!

  3. Fantastic! You took upcycling up a notch too, by using the mailing box, Bravo! It really is so much fun to see what the items end up being used for.

    1. This was so much fun!!! We have to do it again!!

  4. So many nice touches in this project! The fact that you even used the container box is brilliant! Using the back of the playing cards is also genius idea. I know what you mean about random strangers!

    1. Thank you! I love the look of the old pictures but I can't seem to get past the strangers part.

  5. did a fantastic job. I love working with bits and pieces.